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For some, a concern about weight gain can lead to a decision not to quit. But the weight gain that follows quitting smoking is generally very small. It is much more dangerous to continue smoking than it is to gain a small amount of weight.
- American Cancer Society


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Bloomington Area Cessation Resources

Because smoking is a complex habit that encompasses physical, behavioral, and psychological aspects, smokers need a plan that addresses these aspects simultaneously. The best chance for long-term success happens when the quit plan includes the two components below.

1. Consult a health or medical professional. Your doctor, dentist, or other health professional can provide insights into the risks of smoking as it relates to you personally. They can also help you with information about the proper use of medication and nicotine replacement products.

2. Check out all available resources. Following is a list of cessation resources available on the Bloomington campus, in the community, and on the Web.

Campus resources


The Quit For Life® Program is a tobacco treatment program available to full-time Academic and Staff employees and spouses who are enrolled in an IU-sponsored medical plan.

To enroll in Quit For Life, call 1-866-784-8454 or visit the Quit For Life Program Web site.

See also Tobacco Cessation Prescription Benefits

The IU Health Center offers cessation resources to students.

Local resources. Before participating in an event, call to confirm location, date, and time.

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